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What is Franchising and how can HuntRevenue help?  Franchising is a potential key growth strategy for any established and successful business. It’s a way of fast tracking a company’s brand growth, presence and market penetration through the appointing of independent companies to represent the brand/franchisor in all aspects of its service or product provision.

In franchising the Franchisor provides a franchisee who is the independent company, with all the knowledge and training, standards and branding required for the franchisee to carry out the franchisor’s business. This is done for a fee based on the franchisee’s turnover. Over 60% of all high street stores are Franchises of one sort or another.  This includes major fast food, fashion chains, Car Hire, Hotels and more.

The HuntRevenue Xpand team  have many years’ experience in Franchising both on a national and international basis. We have help secure franchises for clients and been deeply involved with major branch franchising launches. 



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